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Our Services

Your Personalised Boutique Rehabilitation Provider


Rehab Focus Enterprise (RFE) is a boutique Workplace Rehabilitation provider of quality preventative and injury management services. 

RFE is very client focused and believes close working relationships reduce the financial burden of injuries and delivers the most positive outcomes for all involved. 

RFE has extensive experience across a wide range of industries including the growing retail and health industries as well as traditional areas such as manufacturing and processing.



  • Job Task Analysis

  • Suitable Duties Dictionary

  • Pre-Employment Screening

  • GP Network across NSW

  • Education in Manual Handling

  • Ergonomic Assessment and Education 


  • Formal Mediation Services

  • Psychological Functional Assessment

  • Psychological Situational Analysis

  • Psychological Training Including:

  • Conflict Resolution

  • Managing Harassment and Bullying 

  • Resilience Building


functional rehab management sydney


Functional Assessments are conducted to determine the injured workers critical functional capacity / limitations and his/her ability to return to work.


Rehab Focus Rehabilitation Consultants conducting functional assessments will be required to be accredited in conducting a WORKHAB Functional Capacity Evaluation.


Please refer to Table 3.21 for costs and service deliver timeframes.


Workplace Assessments are conducted to determine the suitability for a work trial or to analyse the pre-injury duties to identify the physical demands and identify appropriate suitable duties available.


The workplace assessment will be conducted by one of Rehab Focus’ appropriately qualified consultants, (OT. PT).


Please refer to Table 3.21 for costs and service deliver timeframes

workplace rehab management sydney
vocational rehab management sydney


Vocational Assessments are conducted using a structured interview with the worker, in addition to psychometric testing tools eg WRAT, OSI, ACER Clerical Testing, AMES (English testing) etc and reviewing relevant documentation such as previous providers reports, liaison with NTD and treating parties, and current WCMC, and labour market research through internet as well as real employer contacts. 


Please refer to Table 3.21 for costs and service deliver timeframes.


The TSA is conducted in the same manner as the Vocational Assessment, however labour market research is not included. 


Consultants are to liaise with pre-injury employer to determine whether there are alternate duties available at the workplace. 

workplace skills rehab management sydney
pre-employment rehab management sydney


These Assessments will be conducted by an occupational Therapist or Physiotherapist as requested by an employer, to determine the functional capacity to potential employees within an organisation.


The screening will be conducted to ensure the employee’s current functional capacity exceeds the functional demands of the job.


These assessments are conducted by Psychologists using a structured clinical interview and psychometric testing (eg DASS), as well as liaison with all treating parties. 

psychological rehab management sydney
ADL - rehab management sydney


This assessment will be conducted by an occupational therapist with the purpose to gain an understanding of the injured workers functional capabilities.


It is also to determine if he/she requires adaptive equipment or assistance to complete his/her activities of daily living (personal and domestic)


This assessment will be conducted within the claimants home environment, and may take up to 2.0 hours to conduct.


The goal of our pain management program is to improve the quality of life for individuals with chronic pain by reducing pain, improving physical function, and enhancing emotional well-being.

Rehab Focus’ pain management program is managed by a team of healthcare professionals, including physicians, nurses, physical therapists, occupational therapists, psychologists, and other specialists. This multidisciplinary approach allows for a comprehensive assessment and treatment plan.

It's important to note that our pain management program is tailored to the individual needs of the Injured Worker, and the approach may vary based on the underlying cause of the pain and the patient's overall health. The goal is to improve the participant’s quality of life and function while minimizing the impact of chronic pain.

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