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Personalised Rehab Management

REHABFOCUS - Your Boutique Rehabilitation Provider



Rehab Focus is committed to facilitating the return to work of injured workers as soon as possible.

At Rehab Focus, our team is dedicated to guiding individuals through the Return-to-Work process according to Workers Compensation guidelines. We prioritise the seamless transition back to work following work-related injuries or illnesses.

Rehab Focus philosophy recognises that the workplace is the best place to implement a progressive return to work plan and aims to reduce the incidence of workplace injury through safe and durable return to work plans that recognise the importance of prevention.​


Rehab Focus aims to satisfy the needs of both employers and employees by reducing lost time and improving return to work outcomes, and by ultimately reduce claim duration and costs. 





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Rehab Focus  is a boutique rehabilitation provider of quality preventative and injury management services.


We are very client focused and believe close working relationships reduce the financial burden of injuries and delivers the most positive outcomes for all involved.


Rehab Focus has extensive experience across a wide range of industries including the security industry, pharmaceutical industry, growing retail and health industries as well as traditional areas such as manufacturing and processing and the teaching industry where psychological worker's compensation claims are becoming more prevalent.

To make a referral for our injury management services, simply download our Referral Form below and email through to us.

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  • Rehab Focus are focused on achieving a return-to-work outcome through an integrated approach


  • Rehab Focus understands that prolonged claim duration = escalation of costs


  • Rehab Focus maintain close contact with all key stakeholders to ensure everyone is working towards a common goal

  • Rehab Focus is very client focused and believes close integrated working relationships is the key factor to reduce the financial burden of injuries and delivers the most positive outcomes for all involved.

  • Rehab Focus ensures outcomes are cost-effective and are achieved within agreed timeframe and budget

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Your team of dedicated professionals is here to support you every step of the way as you work towards returning to work.


With our expertise in rehabilitation, we tailor our treatments to accommodate your individual needs, ensuring that you receive the best possible care. 

  • Occupational Therapists

  • Physiotherapists

  • Exercise Physiologists

  • Registered Psychologists

  • Rehabilitation Consultants

  • OHS Specialists

  • Employment Consultants

  • Ergonomic Consultants


Rehab Focus services the Greater Sydney region as well as the South and Central Coasts of NSW:

  • Sydney metropolitan

  • Central Coast

  • Newcastle

  • Wollongong

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